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Laser Liposuction

Celebrity Medi Spa

MedSpa located in Allen, TX

Express Family Clinic Allen and Celebrity med Spa and Wellness have added a new procedure -Liposuction without General Anesthesia using the ALMA BEAUTIFILL LASER LIPO machine. Now you can get Liposuction of unwanted fat pockets in office settings without General anesthesia.


Laser Liposuction

Next Generation Liposuction

BeautiFillTM is the first laser-based technology to standardize the process, time, and quality of fat harvest methods
with the least amount of adipose disruption.
BeautiFill’s closed-loop fat harvest capabilities combine laser, aspiration, and processing into one simple step.
This reduces harvest procedure time while optimizing the entire fat harvest process.
Simultaneous lasing and suctioning simplify the procedure and significantly reduce treatment time. 

Simultaneous Lasing and Suction

LipoLife features an integrated cannula and ber interface which allows for simultaneous lasing and suction.
This unique interface allows physicians to pass through the tissue more easily and remove fat cells quickly
and efficiently.
As laser energy is delivered to the tissue, the laser cauterizes blood vessels rather than causing them to
rupture as with mechanical liposuction.
This minimizes bleeding, swelling, and body trauma such as hematomas, edema, and bruising as well as
minimizing post-operative pain.
Simultaneous lasing and suction create a one-step process that significantly reduces the amount of physical
eort required to perform liposuction procedures, especially in cases with fibrous tissue such as Gynecomastia.
The mechanism simplifies the procedure reduces total treatment time compared to other energy-based
techniques, prevents operator fatigue allows more treatments to be performed per day, and achieves optimal
clinical results with reduced patient downtime.

Safe, Effective Fat Targeting

Combining the optimal 1470nm wavelength with a low power density laser, BeautiFill enables a safe, homogenous, and more efficient procedure for optimal fat removal, with minimal tissue damage. Emitting energy in a 360° pattern, the unique radial emission fiber feature distributes energy evenly throughout a greater tissue area and reduces energy intensity, thus reducing potential adverse laser-related events.

Unique Interface

The unique BeautiFill interface enables physicians to easily pass through tissue to quickly and efficiently remove fat cells while cauterizing blood vessels to minimize bleeding, swelling, hematomas, edema, bruising, and resulting post-operative pain and downtime.
  • Beautifill system uses energy that helps to tighten the superficial layer under the skin. This helps the area to be more tightened than a mechanical method.

    • Yes it can, the suction power can adapt to different areas in the body from the submental to the thighs.