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Procell Microchanneling Specialist

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Procell Microchanneling Treatment

How does a Microchanneling Treatment stimulate cellular activity? A single treatment creates hundreds of thousands of microchannels. In response to each micro-injury, an inflammatory healing process begins which initiates the formation of new collagen. Over time, the repeated healing process improves the surface texture and the overall appearance of the skin.

How Do Stem Cells Assist Healing?

Human growth-factor serums derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells are known to promote scarless healing with minimal inflammation. The application of serums immediately after microchanneling treatment enhances delivery and collagen growth. For details

Procell Microchanneling Q & A

What is Microchanneling?

Procell Microchanneling is a new and evolved version of microneedling. It provides maximum stimulation with little or no downtime. Procell creates invisible micro-channels using a “stamping technique” to stimulate specialized stem cells in your skin, and your body’s immune system produces proteins called cytokines, peptides and growth factors. Rejuvenating the structure of your skin microchanneling also induces the rapid production of high quality new collagen, elastin and other building blocks. Even stimulating your hair’s natural follicles.

Procell improves the appearance of aging skin, increases the vitality of your skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone (pigmentation), acne & acne scarring.

Improving clinical healthy skin by stimulating a rejuvenation cascade that your body has built in, just waiting to be activated!

Ideal candidates are those who seek improvement in the following areas:

  • Acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Anti-aging or skin tightening
  • Hyperpigmentation (sun spots)
  • Skin tone & tightenting
  • Texture
  • Laxity
  • Pore size reduction
  • Rosacea
  • Stretch marks or other traumatic scarring
  • Hair growth
  • Microchanneling vs. Microneedling

Microchanneling vs. Microneedling

The differences between microchanneling and microneedling are the type of device used to perform the treatment and the technique that is used. A microneedling device involves the use of a handheld roller or skin pen covered in tiny needles which is dragged over the skin. This method can actually tear the skin at times.

Procell’s microchanneling device encompasses a linear stamping technique that substantially decreases discomfort for clients, reduces inflammation & less downtime. Typical downtime after a microchanneling treatment is 60-90 minutes, compared to days of downtime with microneedling.

  • What does Procell feel like?

Most patients report warmth or minor skin pricks as the treatment is delivered. Many find the treatment relaxing and comfortable. Most patients can tolerate superficial treatments without any topical anesthetic. For deeper treatments or more comprehensive, you should speak with your treatment provider about a topical anesthetic.

  • What is included in aftercare?

The typical recovery involves just a day or so of mild redness and sunburn sensation. Reduced downtime can be covered with a quality mineral makeup within 90 minutes of treatment. More aggressive treatments will extend recovery periods.

Pre Treatment Recommendations:

Avoid sun exposure for 48 hours prior to treatment.

Remove all makeup and moisturizers from the surface of your skin before treatment.

Post Treatment Care Recommendations:

Avoid washing your face for about six hours.

Nothing topical should be applied to your skin for at least 90 minutes.

Do not exfoliate for at least seven days.

Use sun protection when you are out in the sun.

Do not go swimming or jogging for the first 72 hours.

Avoid anti-inflammatory medication until your aesthetician tells you it is okay.

Preferably Do not use makeup for at least six hours after your treatment.

A series of 6 or more Procell treatments, about once a month can dramatically improve your skin’s firmness, smoothness, elasticity, hydration, sensitivity & tone.

For light anti-aging treatments, 1 to 2 treatments may be sufficient but for deeper wrinkles & scarring, you may require 4 to 6 treatments to achieve desired results.

you can typically see the results 2-3 weeks after your treatment.

Maintenance as recommended by our team.

Who is not an ideal candidate for ProCell Microchanneling?

you have certain active skin diseases, such as eczema or psoriasis

you have cardiac abnormalities

you are pregnant

you have infection of any type (bacterial, viral or fungal)

you have had radiation therapy recently

you have open wounds

you have Keloid scars

you are immunosuppressed

you have uncontrolled diabetes

you have hemophilia, bleeding disorders

2 Options for Solutions Used during Microchanneling:

The Livra Microchannel Delivery Solution used during treatment, and the Livra Post Care Cellular Renewal Serum & Healing Accelerator all contain hyaluronic acid and a proprietary Stem Cytokine profile including peptides and growth factors that improve cellular communication during the skin rejuvenation cascade that occurs in the days and weeks after treatment.

ProCell includes serums that contain growth factors derived from human bone marrow, which produce a potent, anti-inflammatory effect. This reduces healing time and can help improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scar tissue. These growth factors support cellular renewal and have strong regenerating properties to improve skin firmness, elasticity, texture and tone.

The ProCell stem cells can be used with almost any minor invasive treatment.

PRP “Platelet Rich Plasma” is the concentration of platelets found in blood. When a wound occurs, your blood rushes to the wound to heal it. Almost no allergic reactions with this process as plasma comes from your own blood and not a foregin substance.

Visit with us for a consultation so we can help determine the best treatment plan to rejuvenate your skin with Procell MicroChanneling.



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