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Patients seeking youthful beauty can turn to the aesthetics medical team at Celebrity Medi Spa to help them look and feel years younger. Conveniently located in Allen, Texas, the practice offers quality, innovative care from compassionate practitioners with more than 15 years of aesthetics experience.

A few anti-aging procedures patients choose from at Celebrity Medi Spa include hormone therapy, fillers, Botox®, teeth whitening, and laser hair removal. Chemical peels and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy further enhance aesthetic results.

Providers at Celebrity Medi Spa also offer medical weight loss and CoolSculpting® to help patients achieve the body weight and contours they desire.

Wrinkle reduction, smooth and evenly-toned skin, less acne, and fewer age spots are only some of the aesthetics benefits patients reap after Celebrity Medi Spa treatments. They rave about less cellulite, fewer stubborn fat pockets, reduced body and facial hair, better energy, and more confidence.

Procedures at Celebrity Medi Spa are non- or minimally-invasive, so patients can resume normal everyday activities right away with little to no downtime.

The providers make each patient experience a relaxing one, which is why much of the business originates from referrals. Youthful beauty and improved wellness in a friendly environment is the goal of medical experts at Celebrity Medi Spa. They are excited to welcome new patients to the practice.

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Our Services

LASER HAIR REMOVAL Laser Hair RemovalLearn More
Laser Hair Removal
AESTHETICS Aesthetics Learn More
HORMONE THERAPY Hormone Therapy Learn More
Hormone Therapy
PROCELL MICROCHANNELINGProcell Microchanneling Learn More
Procell Microchanneling
COOLSCULPTING CoolSculpting Learn More
FILLERS Fillers Learn More
WEIGHT LOSSWeight Loss Learn More
Weight Loss

Liposuction and Fat Transfer

Liposuction and Fat Transfer is now simple procedure done in outpatient settings with the help of new Machines and trained provider.

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Will Fillers Make Me Look Unnatural?

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The Link Between Age and Difficulty Losing Weight
The Link Between Age and Difficulty Losing Weight

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