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A Closer Look at IPL Facials

A Closer Look at IPL Facials

Are the years you spent sunning yourself at the beach and pool starting to catch up with you? Do you wish you could tell your younger self to take more caution in the sun?

You’re not alone. Not too long ago, that sun-kissed glow was seen as a sign of good health. But now we know that too much sun exposure isn’t good for the skin and causes photoaging — wrinkling, age spots, blotchiness, and spider veins.

At Celebrity Medi Spa in Allen, Texas, we strive to help our patients look and feel younger. Our medical team specializes in aesthetics and uses specialized tools to help you achieve your beauty goals. 

To turn back the clock on photoaging, we provide intense pulsed light (IPL) facials, or photofacials. Here’s what you need to know about IPL facials, how they work, and how they can help reverse sun damage.

What is intense pulsed light therapy? 

IPL is a form of light therapy. As the name implies, this aesthetic tool uses intense pulses of light in multiple wavelengths to get the desired result. The rapid pulses of light target pigments in the deeper layers of your skin.

IPL is a non-ablative aesthetic tool, which means it doesn’t damage the top layer of your skin. Unlike other types of skin laser tools, there’s no need to hide yourself away after IPL therapy. In fact, you can get your IPL facial during your lunch break and go right back to work after. 

The rejuvenating power of IPL facials 

IPL facials transform blotchy, rough complexions, giving you radiant, glowing skin. They can also treat many common age-related skin concerns, like photoaging. The IPL targets the pigments in your skin, lightening up age spots and liver spots, which are areas of hyperpigmentation from sun damage.

Our IPL facials also work on red spots, spider veins, and rosacea. The intense energy from the IPL tool may also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging collagen production. Collagen is the protein responsible for your skin’s youthful strength and resilience.

What to expect

IPL facials are gentle and relatively quick, depending on the size of the treatment area. 

First, we apply a cooling gel to your skin, and then we start your IPL facial. You may feel a snapping sensation as the light energy targets the pigments in your skin. Most patients tolerate IPL facials well, but we can apply a numbing cream before treatment if you’re sensitive to pain.

Following your photofacial, your skin may feel tight and warm, like a mild sunburn. These side effects resolve within four to six hours. Because IPL facials are gentle, we recommend a series of three to seven sessions every two to four weeks to get the best results.

Following your IPL facials, you should see significant improvements in the tone and texture of your skin. IPL facials are the perfect fix for sun damage that happened during your younger years. 

We love nothing more than helping our patients restore their youthful look. Schedule an appointment with one of our aesthetic specialists to find out more about IPL facials by contacting our office at 469-294-2243 today. 

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